Touching Hearts, reaching souls, and changing lives

About Us

 Art and Wanda Peace Ministries is an inter- denominational Christian evangelistic music and revival organization for more than 20 years, with Jesus Christ as the focus and center of their purpose for being sent to all America , and throughout the world. Art and Wanda have been adult Sunday school teachers, adult Bible study teachers, Youth leaders, and music ministers in their home churches for 13 years before entering full time ministry.

          They have appeared on world wide television several times on the Trinity broadcasting network, and from Branson Mo.
  Their accomplishments with music have been over 100  songs written with more than 5 entering into the top 40 playlist from Nashville, Tn., nationwide , and worldwide on Christian radio internet stations with their first award in music for the most played, and most requested songs of 2009. They preach revivals, hold concerts, and minister The Gospel to multitudes in auditoriums, outdoor arenas, and places of worship.
           Their main goals are to give God the glory for souls being brought into the Kingdom of Heaven through the Love of God and his son Jesus Christ, and to see God’s people brought together in one body for the blessings they all need. 

Statement of Faith

We believe that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ  the son of God, and that he died for the redemption of all sin. He died and was raised from the dead by the power of God almighty, and that he now lives, and sits at the right side of God The Father, interceding for all that are called by his name. This statement of faith brings a born again experience that allows us access through The Holy Spirit, and the power of prayer, and the knowledge of the Word of God through The Holy Bible that was given to all by the divine power of The Holy Spirit. We believe that the Holy Bible is our source of all answers to the problems that all believers face on a daily basis.We believe that Jesus Christ will return again for his chosen people where we will live again with him in Heaven forever in eternity.